Outset Your Weekend, With The Most Earliest Event Of Townsville:

Festival Weather

Okay when I say that food is life, foodies out there would definitely get the focal point of my sentence, its really not a sentence it’s a feel, a real one. Foodies or not, but the right food knows how to drool a person over it.

An avid foodie always makes an efforts and time for his food. And when we talks about the food events and festivals, it makes us so vibrant and excited.

Townsville, first time ever happening to arrange a food festival in the city. Got your interest hit here if you’re from townsville? Yes? That’s Great!

The sources said, that there will be a media coverage to trap every glimpse of an event for the people.

The Townsville City Council conversed about how much they are excited to divulge and exhibit the first food event edition of the of the monthly events. The event is going to be the showstopper.

Well maybe for an instant everybody got it as a food event just. Let me tell you it’s not just like that, if on the one hand the event exhibits a number of food installs, presenting delicious and scrumptious food, so on the other hand it will going to entertains you in a number of ways. The event is going to feature live music, entertainment and an open-air cinema.

Oh!.what a deadly combo it is. So the event is not only bounded for the gluttons and the foodies. You could also the part of this big amazing event.

Townsville Mayour Jenny Hill, is also so much excited and looking forward for the commencement of an event. He announced his excitement by saying that:

” It will be a wonderful night in the city”.

Meanwhile, he also praises the efforts of the council and express his gratitudes. He said it is considerable how council putting efforts continuously to features such events that displays our CBD. He also considered that how council provides such activities and entertainments for the people of all age group.

Furthermore, he puts economy of the country as a focal point in his following statement. He said:

“We’ll have a wide variety of food and entertainment on Flinders Street and it’s a great way to support businesses and boost the economy.

A nice move by the Mayour though. Maybe you’re conscious a bit that this is the first Townsville food event and maybe it wouldn’t turns as good as you’re expecting. The mayour said they had a false start on their first attempt due to poor weather conditions but now as they got more time they’re focusing to make it a bigger event. He also addressed another important issue “Parking”. A word that can make people shook their heads. But they also makes the arrangements for the parking thing so that the event would turns out as the most pleasurable thing for the people. So be there and experience the thrill.