A Man Admitted To The Hospitals For Six Days Townsville Flood:

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Some incidents of our life really took to us in another world of surprise and shock. And after that, we couldn’t managed to imagine ourselves as a normal being. As townsville has been devastated by the severe earthquakes/floods in the recent few days, and we are hearing alot how the life of the residents of the city were disturbed.

One of such news just got our attention. We got to learn form some sources that An old man in Queensland has been admitted to hospital for 6 weeks due to have severe influence of the floods physically as well as internally.

The sources said:

Richard Vernon, a man of 72, told you the sourcthat he starts feeling exhausted in his magnetic island home. It was the incident of 31st January, when he wanted to sleep and went to bed but couldn’t slept. He said:

“I couldn’t sleep properly but then I woke up with a sudden severe headache and I was terrible and at that time I felt worst ever in my life”.

He didn’t exaggerated his illness for awhile to himself. He thought he would be better in a day so he didn’t feel any worse. But after someways he finally reached out for a doctor. At that time he was almost stumbling and couldn’t walk properly.

We couldn’t hear from him much, as the last thing he remembered was that he was instructed to sit down and afterwards he was in the ambulance.

During the hospitalization Of Mr.Vernon, a news comes from the Townsville public health unit, that this bacterial infection has also it’s effects on the 10 other residents of Townsville. The bacterial disease, called melodious.

“It was tragic and saddened that there was also an old woman of 50, amongst those 10 people, has been died due to the adverse effect of that bacteria.”

One of the doctors, Julie Mudd said:

“The scales and effects of the floods in Townsville clearly shows the signs of range of infections, other than melioidosis, and that we’re making efforts to analyse and anticipate those infections.”

Furthermore the statements continues:

“Melioidosis and the other infections could easily prevails from flooding and it could have an adverse impact on people heath, especially the elderly one or the one having chronical diseases.”

After a great deal of recovery, Mr.Vernon told the sources that the feelings he was accompanied with few days back, was the feel he never encountered before in his life.

He said, although the infection is not contagious and there is no harm of being him in public, the doctors admitted him for the six weeks for an antibiotic treatment.

Dr Mudd issue some important notes for the residents of the Townsville City that they need to be very conscious and careful as the infection is not contagious but the bacteria could enter into your body through cuts. He also bring in the notice the 10 different cases of this bacterial infection,

and how a woman loss his life due to this infection. The authorities are also destroying hundreds of dead cattles in Queensland, that have been left in the flood water.